Medicine Ball Workout

1 Time Athlete Consultation

Price: $300

What You Receive For a 1 Hour Consult:


Review Process

30 minutes of the consult is through discussion prior to a call or email communication.



The final 30 minutes are a discussion for Q&A.



Consultations are for those who have questions to optimize a training plan or supplementation. Blood panel review and discussion. Athletes looking for specific questions.


Email Questions

Please email for questions first; Dive into all aspects of what you’re hoping to understand. Then write out up to 10 questions for a 3-minute discussion on each. No refunds due to fees absorbed and taken from payment processors.

Once payment is made I will send over an email with the link to set up the 30 min phone consultation. Please make sure you email whatever attachments you would like me to review as well as any questions, no more than 10, you would like to discuss. There are no refunds.