Gym Equipment

1 Time Coaching Program

Price: $450

One Time Coaching Programming Only; This is a customized plan one time, to support you from beginner, intermediate to advanced athletes.


This will be a program with up to 2 revisions to enhance your training.


Individuals looking for this plan are; Self-driven, Have basic knowledge of training, General health/ lifestyle clients, Looking to lean out, reduce fat, and take personal initiative.


This program will not have; Nutrition Recommendations, Supplement Support, No progress reports or check-ins.


First and foremost that when I accept you and we enter into this coach-athlete relationship that I do have your best interest in mind. It might not be what you want to hear but it is within your best interest that you hear it.


Help you achieve the ultimate prep

Does this sound like you? Something you’re interested in? Hit the Apply button and give me 24 hours to reach out.  No refunds due to fees absorbed and taken from payment processors