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About Kimberly

Everyone's first question was what motivated me  to become a Health and Wellness Trainer and get into the world of  bodybuilding competitions.  Fitness has been my outlet since I  could remember; played every sport I could. Never took it serious enough in the gym though, until October 3, 2012. That was when I decided to get ready for my first spray tan and sparkly bikini. From there it was history, I  turned Pro in June of 2021 and is now apart of the elite IFBB organization. Every competition, every off season and even every coach (4 to be exact) I went through,  learned more about myself and how my body responded to the nutritional change as well as my workouts.

Knowledge, compassion and experience of many ups and downs both physically and mentally in the gym have prepared me to become an eclectic Personal Trainer.  I had  almost a decade of training experience as well as competition preparation. I came to the realization that my passion of helping others become the best version of themselves is my purpose.  Helping my clients create a lifestyle they can be proud of all the while inspiring those around them is why I  get up every morning! 


The loss of my mother in 2017 showed me how much the gym and competing had strengthened not just my body but my mind! The amount of discipline and growth in believe I could  help others. Being a Health and Wellness Trainer as well as a Competition Prep Coach, has shown me  that it isn't about the drive I have it is about the Drive You Bring!!!


About Kimberly

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